Pet Stain / Odour Removal

We all love our pets, but sometimes accidents can lead to a lingering, unwanted smell in your home.

Steam extraction cleaning will remove odours from the carpet, however, on occasion saturated subsurface stains can wick back through to your carpet causing the release of nasty odours and potentially harmful bacteria.

We offer subsurface diagnosis and treatment, to detect saturation in your underlay/underfloor by way of ultraviolet light and a subsurface moisture detector.

Treatment can be done separately or in tandem with steam extraction cleaning, this involves localised flooding of the affected area, with an active enzyme treatment to break up any stains, bodily fluids and urine before flushing out with our specialist flood water extraction machine.

This is the only way to effectively treat saturated stains and odours, without having to replace your carpet and underlay.

Pet Stain and Odour Removal

Benefits of Odour Removal

  • Much cheaper than replacing your carpet and underlay

  • Bacteria, odour and stains fully removed

  • Localised removal means a minimum disruption in your home

  • Removes UV Signature, so pets are less likely to re-offend

Make your Home Fresh once again!

Prevent Subsurface stains completely

We offer a carpet nano protection bond which prevents permanent stains from forming and makes spot cleaning much easier. Click here to find out more.

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